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Practitioners and TECH+

Tuesday, June 7Thursday, June 9
Make your firm vision a reality and use the power of technology to get you there

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This track was developed in cooperation with CPA Canada.

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Make your firm vision a reality and use the power of technology to get you there

Embrace technology today. Stay relevant tomorrow.

At Practitioners and TECH+, every session delivers the concentrated knowledge, technical skills and contacts you need to make your firm vision a reality.

You’re balancing the demands of running an efficient firm, upping your client service game, and managing your firm and clients through the economics of the pandemic. Meanwhile, you must understand new technologies to keep you relevant today and tomorrow.

Evolve your planning acumen with:

  • Ready-to-use tools to inspire rapid development and change management
  • Positive and productive outlooks, because change isn’t easy for everyone
  • Deeper exploration of what differentiates the star talent in your practice
  • Insights into tech innovations such as artificial intelligence and blockchain, and their impact on firms, along with ways to work more effectively in office or remotely

Practitioners and TECH+

Session 1

Inspector Gadget (TECH+ Session)

Session 2

Cybersecurity Threat Landscape (TECH+ Session)

Session 3

TECH Update (TECH+ Session)

Session 4

Four Levers to Drive Partner Unity and Accountability (Practitioner Focused Session)

Session 5

Super-Serving Clients and Turning Them into Raving Fans (Practitioner Focused Session)

Session 6

Navigating the Labor Market to Build Your Team (Practitioner Focused Session)